What we are glad to offer

Hospital sterilization packagings in hospital central sterile devision take important role in assuring the sterile integrity. Till now death resulted from occurrences of healthcare associated infections happen every year and we have to face this serious problem. Choosing right, good quality and traceable packaging materials can effectively manage the risk. 

Medical Industrial packaging.  With domain knowledge of medical industry, we know the most suitable, efficient and cost-effective packagings for your medical devices.  

Turnkey solution 

FOR whom requiring pouch making ability, we give a guidance to customers about how to manufacture sterilization pouch in their regions and those who want to setup blistering packaging facilities. It is a totally pioneering work, but we can sense customers’ need and make it practice.


Our advantages are :

  • We know the machines and deeply understand the operation over 15 years.
  • Our expertise is about how to find correct materials from the right beginning.
  • Having good relationship with raw materials suppliers to assure sufficiency and prevent from shortage.
  • We share benefit cost to customers through our bulk purchasing.
  • Good benchmarks of customers experiences and solutions.
  • Steps of turkey solutions to have customers establish qualified facilities and make good quality sterilization pouches.
  • State of art technical supports and sustainable service to bring customers growth together.