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    Overall service of Medical Packaging

    Provide state-of-art sterilization packaging for Medical Industries and healthcare business

  • About Manufacturing

    We offer relevant sterilization pouch and bag and rollstocks for medical industries through the latest and most reliable equipemnt and manucaturing capabilities.

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    Packagings for medical device manufacturer

    Suitable for ETO or Gamma sterilization

    According to the suitable sterilation method of product, packaging type and selected materials, we provide the following packagings for the medical industry.

    • Tyvek Header bag - For gowns & drape's packing and heavy duty medical devices.
    • Reinforced paper/film pouch or Tyvek pouch - for mainstream medical devices
    • film to film, paper to paper pouch, aluminium pouches.- for glove or light weight medicla devices
    • Tyvek middle seal bag - for IV Set and light weight medical devices
  • Medical Industrial Packaging

    Medical device packaging not only illustrates eye-catching looking and lucid instructions, moreover it plays an important role to assure medical devices in a sterile system starting from manufacturing to end-user presentation.

  • Our Service

    From design to sterilization

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    Provide best combination of packaging

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    Print and die-cut according to demand



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    Production in well quality control

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    Pack products in cleanroom environment

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    Deliver to sterilization process

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    Support to certification

  • Sterilization Packaging for Healthcare

    Healthcare sterilization packaging in hospital central sterile devision take significant role in assuring the sterile integrity. Till now the serious problem about death resulted from occurences of healthcare associated infections happen every year. Choosing right, good quality and traceable packaging materials can effectively manage the risk.

  • Dental and healthcare sterilization packaging

    The dental and healthcare sterilization packagings in terms of sterilization reel, heat seal sterilization pouch/self sealing sterilization pouch, paper bag coulbe determined by the suitable sterilization method and cost/performance consideration.

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