About Us

We are the team from Asia's first pioneer of medical packaging. With accumulated experiences and expertise, ensure that our customers get the best possible proposals of medical / sterilisation packaging and most  appropriate forms of packagings. We consider customers' current situation in the medical fields to balance costs of packagings and the most recent stage of features and technology.  


We have main production base in China and associated manufacturing alliances in Taiwan and North American. According to different level of requirements, we offer effective and immediate product support service. Our manufacturings with compliance of ISO 13485, 11607, CE, EN868 and FDA dedicate in more value to customers.


Our mission is to share and collaborate core value of integrity, commitment, people care and fast execution. Around these, we think ahead to deliver our consistent quality products and services to customers, and as for the stakeholders.


We are circumspect to provide right solutions not only to get rid of infection risk but also to improve efficiency and cost saving. We will keep on our proud products and services playing an significant role in all contamination prevention and infection-control circumstances. We just stick it out to doing this.