Gowns & drapes packaging

We particularly concern about packagings of gowns and drapes manufacturing. From many good examples from our esteemed customers, we are confidence to suggest some packaging solutions for those who are in this field.


The characteristics of the packaging are demanding and also have to reach the balance of cost and quality. Therefore, below is the comparison of some options.


Tyvek pouch due to its material cost is relative expensive. What we experience now the Tyvek header bag is becoming main steam of the package. Its advantages are affordable price and good performance. In the past, paper pouch still takes majority percentages in the packing of gowns and drapes, but there is a critical issue that the paper pouch is not strong enough to load heavy contents.


We are here to figure out any questions about gowns and drape packaging and provide tailer-made packagings.

Tyvek® is DuPont’s trademark.