Dental and Healthcare packaging

Dental and Healthcare sterilization packaging is crucial for the process of infection control and cleaning. The packagings are in several kinds of forms, like sterilization reel, heat seal sterilization pouch and self sealing sterilization pouch, and so on…


Before you choose a right hospital/dental sterilization packaging, you should consider the correct sterilization method and the cost/performance ratio (below ratio for reference).


Tyvek pouch’s cost is much higher and only this material can resist Plasma sterilization, which is popular in nowadays. As autoclave and EtO sterilizations are still main stream in hospitals, 70g paper pouch is what we recommend and maintains good performance with acceptable cost. Regarding dental markets, 60g paper pouch is common to use and mostly present in the form of self seal pouch.

After that we can adjust materials combination and customize which functions you prefer, such as how much indicators, with/without internal Class 4 indicator, indicator on the adhesive tape. This is our expertise for customers’ configuration. 


Remarks: The paper/film materials we adopt are medical grade and Eco-friendly. The inks are lead free . All production process are latex-free and finished products are compliance with CE, EN868, and ISO 11607. TDS/MSDS are upon request.