Right accessories for Dentals and Hospitals

With demanding requirement of nowadays healthcare environment, we deliver extensive portfolio of selective raw materials and related products, which assure sterility and help CSSD operation work better.


We are pleased to offer these reliable products from those big name and good medical device manufacturers. We give customers a ‘one-stop shop’ solution. Our team with specialist knowledge and experience is here to help if you require further information.


Accessories what we collected for you:

  • Autoclave Indicator tape, Plasma indicator tape
  • Plasma indicator strip
  • Class 1~Class 4 Chemical Autoclave sterilization Indicator strip
  • Hawo - EFT edition DC 850 sealing machine (made in Germany)
  • Hand Impulse sealer
  • Reel pouch cutter
  • Sterilization tray, container and tray liners
  • Examination gloves (non-sterile)

  • Industrial gloves for intention of washing and cleaning
  • Raw materials : Medical grade Cast PP/PET, Medical grade PE/PET for pouch making